Made for groups that want to grow together and learn from each other.

Holding space for more humanity in the actual times is fundamental. Whether you are co-workers, undergoing a program or interested in learning more about Soulful Leadership finding the right facilitator makes a big difference. I love holding a joyful, creative and open space for personal development.

A reduced mentoring group for individuals that want to work in depth aspects such as:

  • Leaving pressure behind.
  • Finding a new pace.
  • Growing beyond old boundaries.
  • Creating from Freedom.
  • Getting in touch with yourself on a deep level.
  • Expanding your conciousness.

The coachings are focused on transformational work and bringing inner balance, freedom and expansion.

  • An energetic coaching session lasts between 60-90 minutes and includes a preparation call and a follow up call.
  • Energetic Coaching brings with it insights and like any transformational work it will ask you for some rest either before or after the session.
  • I offer a safe space dedicated to healing and open to all.

Subjects are free, you can bring whatever moves you at the moment and you want to tranform.

Some subjects I usually work with:

  • Rediscovering Joy and Motivation: Overcoming the lack of motivation and purpose. Overcoming productivity and performance pressure.
  • Offering Focus and Transparency: Finding worth in your projects/ideas and how to communicate it to your clients.
  • Vision: Connection to your Vision. Release of bloquades leading to strangement from your own path and work.

Prices vary depending on your income. Get in touch for detailed information.